What We Do


Hope Community Village is a children’s home which offers long term care for children who no longer have the support and protection of relatives.

Every child lives as part of a family with a “mother” and up to 10 “brothers and sisters” The home offers children a feeling of safety, security and belonging. It is a home within a village where everyone loves, helps and respects each other.

The “mother” is responsible for the house and children and everyday family activities. Family relationships and home are seen as a life time commitment. Adolescent boys live on a site a few kilometres from the main village. They have the support of an “aunty” and male social worker. 


Adolescent boys study and play area

Adolescent boys study and play area

Each child attends a school that best suits his or her needs. Hope Community Village also provides tutorial support outside of school hours. There are learning opportunities within the village for information technology, music, dance, art, library and sports. Some of these sessions are also offered to the local community.

Children practice the religion of their parents and each Hope house caters for a particular religion. The children throughout the village celebrate the various religious festivals.