Village News


Mothers’ Retirement Home - Now Finished. Excellent progress was made on this project - clearing of the site and digging foundations commenced in early February and the builders set off at a cracking pace. The building was finished and handed over with an opening ceremony in August. It incorporates 2 bedrooms, each with its own shower and toilet, a living room, and a staircase at the rear to allow access to a sitting out area on the roof.

Mothers have been excitedly following the progress and, in preparation for our first retirement, a new replacement mother is already undergoing training.

Our grateful thanks to all the kind donors who have helped to make this dream a reality. We have very nearly reached our fundraising target of £18,000!



Another wedding:                                                                          Divya, who was married in April last year, gave birth

The marriage of Neena and Jaison took place as planned              birth to a beautiful baby boy on 21st March. Both

at the end of January in Kochi. Several UK trustees were              are doing well. Congratulations from all at HOPE

able to attend and we wish them well in their new life


IMG_1562                Divya and baby pic