A novel way of supporting HOPE


Author and Hope supporter Patrick Moon has generously offered to give us £3.00 for every copy of his latest book sold to fellow Hope supporters.  

The book – titled ‘What else is there for a boy like me?’ – is set in India’s Rajasthan and tells the story of Patrick’s efforts to help a talented young Indian boy from a primitive desert village get a better start in life. It shows how difficult it is – even with the best of intentions – to confront the weight of Indian society, by picking an individual out of India’s crowd.


One reviewer wrote: “funny, moving, gripping, and heart-rending - and much more besides. Its overwhelming strength is the ring of honesty it carries. This is unembellished truth, no soft edges, but deeply engaging.'


To order Patrick’s book for £9.99 (postage free) and secure the £3.00 donation to Hope, just visit his website www.patrickmoon.co.uk and enter the word Hope in the promotional code box.


The offer applies equally to Patrick’s other books about wine and food in southern France, but it was ‘What else is there…?’ which we thought might strike a particular chord with our supporters.