What We Do

Hope Community Village was established to make a difference to the lives of children who for a variety of reasons have no family support..

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At present we have six houses in the village, each with a mother and up to 10 children. We also have a hostel a couple of kilometres away to accommodate our older boys.

Each of our homes is managed by a “Mother” whose job it is to provide children with shelter, support and encouragement.

The children, of school age, all travel to local schools.

In some instances, we will support a child who stays within a family home. For example, this would be where the family bread winner is no longer able to work.

The children of Hope, when they are old enough to fend for themselves, will always have a family in the village and somewhere to come for advice and support.

When the children are not at school the Hope community provides a wide variety of activities. These include dance, music, homework tutoring, sports, religious studies, art, etc.


We have a kindergarten or infants’ school attended by our younger children and, in addition, some 60 children from the local community.

Some of our Mothers have reached retirement age and receive a pension from Hope. We provide a special accommodation block. There is also a policy to ensure they can still feel valued and have a purpose in the Hope Community Village. This is also essential for the children, as in Indian culture the extended family is still of importance.

There is an Information Technology suite and library providing access, not only to the children of Hope, but the surrounding villages. The site is used as a centre for providing medical services, such as eye tests, for families living in the district.