CAISTOR SWING DANCE 4th March because of road conditions is POSTPONED UNTIL 25th March 3pm to 6 pm. Tickets will be transferred. If you have not tickets for the 4th but would like to attend on the 25th please contact Margaret on 07909 221278 or Alan on 07909 222253. Tickets are £7 pp

Special Visitor

This week a British deputation was due to visit Hope Community Village. The deputation included the  Craig Whittaker, Angela Rayner, Daniel Zeichner and Steven Reed, OBE.  

Also with them was Robert Harper, Asia-Pacific Programme Manager of CPA U.K. From the British High Commission were Bharat Joshi, Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai, Rudy Fernan and Sijoy Thomas.

Unfortunately because of traffic delays the team did not find time to visit. It is understood that they were disappointed to have missed out.

Craig Whittaker did find time, the following day, to visit. Craig wrote in our visitors book, "Absolutely wonderful to see HOPE go  from strength to strength. Every time I come the family gets better! Well done to everyone."


Marriage Ceremony

On the 28th January Unnimaya from Alice’s House was married. We wish Unnimaya and her husband a long and happy life together. This was the 7th girl from Hope Community Village to get married.

A new study area for the older girls.

Sometime ago Purushan ( the cowman) had an accident. He is still in recovery and no replacement has been found. It has been decided to disband the cow farm as it is not economic.

The cow shed is being converted  into a study space for the older girls. The girls found it difficult to study quietly and look after their books in their homes. Money from the Umbrella Charitable Trust UK is financing the project. The photograph shows Steve and Liv Redmond, U.K. Trustees, fixing the main door frame.

Purushan is to be redeployed to other duties on his return to work. 


Republic Day

The children, staff and visitors attending the 69th Republic Day Flag Hoisting ceremony.


Two years ago the children, if not playing cricket or badminton, were kicking about with a football. A visitor spent two weeks teaching them some basic rules and skills. Trophies were bought so that a tournament could be held in the Village. Following this a UK donation was made to provide a regular football coach and football kit. A school in the UK provided football boots. An excellent girls' football team has developed from the humble beginning. The success raises the profile of the Village in the community. The team have recently won (3 - 1) a tournament against other girls' teams.

We look forward to hearing the results of this year’s Village football tournament.


Quiz Night

We are pleased to announce that the recent Quiz Night raised £530. Many thanks to the organisers and supporters for such a magnificent effort. Sorry there is no photograph I think everyone was camera shy!! The event was very well attended and we had a fab Homemade Meat and Potato Pie (or Cheese and Onion) and Pease supper.  Thanks to Maxine for hosting so well.  Not too many moans about the difficulty of the quiz either for a change!