Regular Giving

Our Trustees and supporters work hard to ensure we can fund the community each month.

Regular giving by you means that we can plan for the future. 

If asked how much a month we usually say £20. We appreciate that for some this is too much whilst others are prepared to give more.

Use the donate button below to make a donation. If you are a tax payer you can increase your donation by completing a Gift Aid Form.

If you would prefer to make a regular donation by sponsoring a child go to the "Sponsor a Child" page.


Make a one-off donation                        

£120 per month would assist with power and heating  

£20 per month gives us telephone and Internet

£130 would refurnish a kindergarten classroom

£70 per month go towards Insurance costs

£25 buys a bicycle for a child to get to school

£30 buys six chickens and hen hut

£25 could plant twenty new fruit trees

£100 replaces old furniture

Data Protection: The contact information you give us will be stored on our secure database. We will never pass it on to a third party but will use it to keep you informed about the progress of your sponsored child. We will treat your information in a safe, secure, sensitive and confidential way. We may also send you newsletters and information about upcoming events but you can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. If you tell us that you don’t want to be contacted in a certain way we will take notice and honour the request.