If you would prefer not to single out one child but would like to support our general work at Hope, why not become a regular donor? You can do this for as little as £10 a month. You will know that you are making a real difference to the lives of the children at Hope Community Village and, in return, you will receive regular news from Hope including copies of our Newsletter. Regular giving is really helpful for us - a regular income enables us to plan our spending and budget accordingly. If we have a regular, predictable income for daily expenses at Hope Community Village, we can then focus our attention on other fundraising activities for one-off unforeseen costs and capital projects.

Many of our supporters wish to support our project as a whole rather than individual child sponsorship and in this way you can become a friend of Hope. For as little as £10 (€ 15 or US $ 20) per month you can support our work and in return you will receive regular updates and development progress on the children in our care.

Alternatively, you can make a one off donation. Our bank details for those who wish to donate in Sterling can be found on the Sponsorship / Gift Aid Form and for those who wish to donate in Euros can be found on Sponsorship / Gift Aid or a cheque made payable to Hope Community Village can be posted to

[quote] Hope Community Village 24 Newlands Road Warley, Halifax W.Yorks HX2 7RE United Kingdom [/quote]

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have about donating to Hope Community Village.

MEMBERSHIP of our society in India We have three categories of membership in India. Corporateb. Lifec. Ordinary In addition we have a facility to receive on-off donations for which a G 80 certificate will be issued.

To make an instant one off donation please click the button

Here are some examples of what your donation could buy:

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Just £10 per month provides ...

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School fees for 2 children at primary school.

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Just £15 per month provides ...

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A steady supply of fresh fruit for all the Hope children.

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Just £20 per month provides ...

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Travel costs for Kindergarten children from the poor local community.

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Just £25 per month provides ...

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Free school meals for the Kindergarten children.

[/fc_back] [/flippingCard] Contact us at info@hopeindia.org

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