The History Of Hope Community Village

Together with his friends John Veitch began to develop a vision for Hope Community Village where orphaned and destitute children would live in a homely and loving family environment, each home with a dedicated ‘mother’.

John kicked off the fundraising by running in the 1994 London Marathon. With his friends in the UK the initial board of trustees was established. A board of trustees was also established in India.

Further fundraising saw John cycle almost 500 miles from Alleppey to Goa. This enabled Hope to buy a plot of land, known as ‘heavenly forest’, In February 1996 the first stone of a children’s home was laid. Fundraising was now in full swing with a charity shop opened in Hebden Bridge along with the usual charity quiz nights, restaurant evenings, sponsored parachute jumps etc.

In 1998 Hope accepted the first child who had been abandoned at a police station and subsequently abused at an orphanage. Many others arrived, the youngest baby only four days old and weighing 3lbs! In these early years several babies came to Hope after the police had intervened in cases of babies being abandoned.

By 2008 Hope had built five houses with a sixth house nearing completion. A kindergarten was established.

Over the years Hope has developed a medical centre. Then came an I.T. training facility followed by an arts centre.

Our outreach program has helped many families and individuals such as the six year old suffering from a brain tumour.

Following the tsunami in 2007 Hope was able to help victims in the completely devastated village of Colachel in Tamil Nadu.

Our children were now growing into young adults and in 2013 Revathy, who came to Hope as a 10 year old, was the first of our girls to be married.

In 2016 we’ve built a retirement home for our elder mother’s as well as a boys’ home.

All funds go towards supporting Hope Community Village. All the Trustees and supporters are volunteers. 


Hope is managed by two appointed Boards of Trustees, one in the UK and the other in India. The UK Trustees are registered and controlled by the Charity Commissioners. The work of Hope Trustee in the U.K. is essentially three-fold to support the Trustees in India:

Fundraising       Financial Control     Direction of Activities

We see our objectives as raising funds for Hope and continuing provision of such funds to guarantee the smooth running of the village and its ancillary services.

In addition, we have a supervisory role in terms of making the final decisions on the direction and focus of the village and services provided.

It is our over-riding responsibility to ensure that all funds are used sensibly and efficiently, to optimise benefits for all concerned.

In January 2018 it is estimated that we require approximately £6,000 per month to cover the basic running costs.

Breakdown of income:

All funds go towards supporting Hope Community Village. All the Trustees and supporters are volunteers.

Our main aim is to increase our regular income.

We can provide speakers, free of charge, to raise awareness of our work and to support any fund raising activities